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C&C Archery and Outdoors is dedicated to helping people practice and expand their archery skills. From beginners to advanced, we have a variety of lessons taught by experts in the field of archery. Check out our classes and sign up today!

  • Introduction to Archery thumbnail

    Introduction to Archery


    Call for availability


    Individual Lessons: $30.00 per half hour
    Group Lessons (5 or more): $20.00 per hour per individual


    None. This is for newbies!


    8 and up!


    Provided or feel free to bring your own.

    This is a beginner's class. If you are new to archery, this is where you'll learn the basics of the bow, shooting form, and especially safety. No experience needed; just bring your bow (or rent), some arrows, and we'll teach you the rest.

  • Intermediate Archery thumbnail

    Intermediate Archery


    Call for availability.


    $30.00 per half hour per individual; $275.00 if you sign up for a ten week run.


    Beginning Archery or equivalent.


    12 and up


    Please bring your own bow and accessories; we will provide targets and instruction.

    Intermediate archery is intended for those who have some archery experience, but are looking to finesse their form, improve their accuracy, and generally progress their skill level as archers. Introduction to Archery or equivalent is required before admittance to this course. Students will be expected to know the basics of bow shooting and form, and are absolutely expected to know safety rules.

13 June 2019, 3:55 pm

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You’ll find many great options when it’s time to go bow shopping. The difficulty comes in selecting the right type of bow for you. Much depends on your needs and tastes. Some people choose bow styles based on aesthetics and what looks cool. Others select bows based on their goals and how they’ll use the […]